Happy New Year!

This blog has gotten away from me, but as the new year begins, I wanted to assure everyone I’m still here! The last half of 2019 took me by storm, and writing took a back seat to a number of other things, including bottling over eighty (!!) pints of honey.

I’m hoping to catch up and share all about this past year over the rest of the winter — both the highs and the lows. For starters, here is one of the things I was doing instead of writing last year: An interview about backyard beekeeping and the importance of native pollinators with Nature of Conservation, our local library’s science channel. I still consider myself a newbee, so it’s always a bit daunting to be asked to represent the hobby this way. But I was so happy to have the opportunity to tie honey bees — the pollinator most often in the public eye — to the larger challenges facing our important native service insects! We also discuss Doug Tallamy, the vital role of plants in animal conservation, and bee physics.

You can view the interview here. I’ll also add a link to my Science of Bees subpage, so you can find it there once this blog post rolls away under all those other posts I’m going to be making in 2020.

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