Empty Garden

Look at my beautiful phlox! What bees wouldn’t want to live in this back yard?

The answer is: None, so far.

Although I baited my empty hive box and left it out with a “welcome” sign for scout bees, nobody took up residence. That’s all right, though. I’m going to look on the bright side and assume this means my future bees will have a monopoly on the neighborhood resources. No lines! No waiting! All-you-can-eat-buffet!

(While I make this remark light-heartedly, it may be a real concern: There are at least a few experts out there concerned that urban beekeeping may result in food shortages for not just honeybees1, but also their native cousins2. Disclaimer: This is the result of a three-minute web search. I hope to research and write up a more thorough review later.)

To be fair, the weather took a turn for the cold and damp almost immediately after I wished it to be sunny and warm, so this may have also had an effect. I have seen very few of my usual spring visitors in the yard this year… which I can’t really consider good news. Even the bumblebees that usually get drunk on my azaleas were in scant supply.

My yard’s population is about to skyrocket, though! I’ve just confirmed that Wednesday, May 9th is B-Day! I’ll take a little road trip and return with 12,000 of my new best friends.

Not incidentally, I have a new goal in life – just for the next few days. It is to avoid finding myself in this situation.



1 thought on “Empty Garden”

  1. Hope your trip tomorrow is less exciting than the video you posted…. Eee Gads….




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